Why is my Baby not Sleeping?

Christiane Panesar | January 29th, 2023

Wanna sleep like a baby? 

What if your baby is not sleeping though?! LOL

Countless moms are trying to catch up on sleep and their Postnatal Depletion

But their baby is up every couple of hours every night…


They say "it gets better".

That’s what I thought too…

But it actually got worse.

Much worse.

… eventually my baby started waking me up every 45 minutes!

I thought I was going insane…

I was a mess the next day. Just a nervous wreck.

I had no capacity to handle any minor stressful situation.

I had no ability to function the next day.

There was a veil of depression hovering over everything.

And this nightly sleep terror wasn’t just affecting me but also my marriage.

Big time… which was just leading to more stress at home. 

The problem is, it’s not just about the number of hours of sleep moms are lacking
But also about the depth of sleep that’s severely compromised

Which is massively contributing to Postnatal Depletion.

When a mother doesn’t get the chance to sleep long enough to get into the deep sleep waves

Or is being woken up in the middle of her deep sleep waves

She’s definitely gonna feel “like a zombie” the next morning 

They say:

“It’s normal babies wake up a lot”

Even at 6, 12, or 18 months!

So moms are supposed to just ‘deal with it’…

Till they break.

So why do we say “sleeping like a baby”? 

“Sleeping like a baby” refers to the DEPTH & QUALITY of sleep.


Sleeping is actually a learned skill.

So many parents think it’s their job to rock and nurse baby to sleep every couple of hours.

However, this is not sustainable in the long term…

Or healthy

For anyone.

And neither parents nor babies are getting the healthy sleep they need in order to thrive.

Lack of sleep is a major factor in Postnatal Depletion -

“Feeling like a zombie”, exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, stress eating, depression, and more.

We hope it gets better…

But the reality is

It often just gets worse.

So many moms are struggling with their toddlers resisting sleep or waking them up in the middle of the night on a regular basis

And even their older kids.

If you think about it, it’s almost a pandemic of sleeplessness 

Moms are struggling to sleep even WHEN their kids are sleeping.

Good sleep is really a gift and it takes some skill and sound strategies to implement.


Baby might be struggling with underlying health issues
(Often being called ‘colic’ for the lack of clarity of what's really going on)

Which has her in distress

And not sleeping.

Conventional wisdom tells you:

“Just wait it out - there’s nothing you can do about it”


The truth is:

In most cases, babies aren’t just ‘growing out’ of colic

But rather ‘growing in’ to other health problems.

Early gut health is linked to eczema, food sensitivities, behavioural issues, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, you name it.

Here’s the good news

You don’t have to ‘wait it out’ or wait for things to get worse.

You can actually take care of the problem.

That’s what I did.

And everything changed:

 I got my sanity and a good chunk of my energy back. And from there I was able to implement the next steps in order to conquer Postnatal Depletion.

 My baby was so much happier too.

 So was my husband.

Now I’m teaching my True-Sleep System to a group of happy moms

Who are ‘sleeping like a baby’ NOW.

While others are still waiting it out.

If you’re ready for sleep now
While taking care of underlying problems your baby might be suffering from,

I invite you to have a chat with me.

Just send me a message via my contact form with ‘SLEEP NOW’

And we’ll have a look at what might be the REASON for your little one’s sleep problems and

Come up with a game plan so that you and your baby


Get to ‘sleep like a baby’.


Postnatal Depletion Specialist

About the Author

Christiane specializes in helping moms conquer fatigue (while mending baby's colic, eczema & sleep) so that they can ditch the Postnatal Depletion and become the mother, the business woman, and the lover they know to be. She created Postnatal Depletion Recovery to empower mothers who have been missing out on the RIGHT support in pregnancy and postpartum, so that they can make the shift from Zombie to Goddess IN WEEKS, not decades.