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Mompreneurs Conquering Postnatal Depletion and Baby Colic/ Eczema

Come join other amazing moms turning overwhelm, anxiousness and exhaustion into badass mom energy! And at the same time, we're taking care of your baby's distress too (without "waiting it out"... forever).

If this month it's important to show up as the mother, the business woman and the lover you know yourself to be, you want to be part of our FREE group.

In this group, you'll find my postnatal depletion test and many other free resources on exhaustion, 'mom brain', mental health, birth trauma, colic, eczema, baby sleep and much more.

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The 6 Audacious Actions my Clients Use to Turn into Radiant Goddess Mama

  • How to catalyze your METAMORPHOSIS from Postnatal Depleted Mama to Radiant Goddess Mama in just 12 weeks even if you’re a busy mamapreneur… and why you won’t get there by “waiting it out”
  • The REAL reason why mothers flounder with lack of mental power, nervous system overload & anxiety… and what do to about it without “bottling it up” or popping pills
  • The key to get your baby sleeping even if you’ve already tried swaddling, white noise, gripe water, reflux meds and steroids (Find out how Emily got her colicky baby sleeping peacefully in just 3 days)
  • Why you’re risking your child’s health (and your own!) by believing your baby’s distress and your exhaustion are “normal” (and how to take care of it!)
  • Heart-Food’s Somatic Neuro-Balancing to repair your frazzled nervous system, integrate birth trauma and get yourself out of overwhelm QUICKLY (and why superficial coping mechanisms don’t work)
  • How to make sure your hormones quit sabotaging “date nights” (and don’t ruin your marriage)


"When to Ask for Help in Postpartum?" at the Make A Baby Podcast

We're talking with Reiki Womb Healer Carolina Sotomayor about "When to ask for help in postpartum?"

By the time you finish listening, you'll learn:

  • The signs of postnatal depletion and why it's essential to address them early.
  • The importance of seeking help and building a support network during postpartum.
  • How Christiane Panesar's holistic approach can help you regain your vitality in postpartum