Postnatal Depletion

Why do I feel so terrible even after 1 Year Postpartum?

I hear mothers ask this question as they’re wondering what they’re doing wrong…. Why am I feeling so dead tired, even now that my baby is sleeping mostly well? Why am I struggling to think or remember things?...


What is postnatal depletion exactly and why is it happening?

What is Postnatal Depletion exactly and why is it happening?

Interview with Postnatal Depletion Specialist Christiane Panesar


Why is my Baby not Sleeping?

Why is my Baby not Sleeping?

Wanna sleep like a baby? 

What if your baby is not sleeping though?! LOL

Countless moms are trying to catch up on sleep and their Postnatal Depletion but their baby is up every couple of hours every night… even EVERY HOUR.

They say "it gets better". That’s what I thought too…

But it actually got worse. Much worse.


Does breastfeeding make you hungry?

Does Breastfeeding Make you Hungry?

Yes, my dear, breastfeeding can make you insanely hungry and you're NOT crazy. It's normal to feel like a bottomless pit while you are nursing. Hunger is a crucial message of your body. Life or death depend on it. And while you're breastfeeding, it's even so much more important, as the health and well-being of your precious baby depend on it too. Your body is very wise.


What's the best diet?

What is the Best Diet for You?

Every so often I get asked “What kind of diet do you recommend? What is the best diet?” Keto? Paleo? Mediterranean Diet? Vegetarian? Whole 30? Intermittent Fasting? Low Fat Diet?… You know, for many years I was hunting for the answer to this very question. It felt like a quest, an elusive holy grail, and I thought, ‘if only I had the answer…’, then perhaps, I could find a sense of balance, fulfillment and health...