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Christiane specializes in helping mompreneurs conquer depletion (while mending baby's colic, eczema & sleep) so that they can become the mother, the business woman, and the lover they know to be.


She created Postnatal Depletion Recovery to empower mothers who want to catalyze their metamorphosis from Postnatal Depleted Mama to Radiant Goddess Mama WITHIN WEEKS, not decades.


In fact, her clients now have plenty of energy for family, business AND themselves even if they

  • are in the midst of postpartum
  • had a baby struggling with colic, eczema & sleep
  • are currently pregnant

Because they eliminated Postnatal Depletion and their baby's distress at the ROOT - and all that without diets, meds and "waiting it out" (& sucking it up).

If you want energy NOW and you're done with losing your precious health, money and time you won't get back, let's chat.

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Postnatal Depletion Specialist Christiane Panesar

As a mama of two so called 'colicky' babies (with eczema) who was physically, mentally, and emotionally depleted, I was determined to find a solution (although I was told there's nothing I could do) - but I did it anyways. It's my passion to support you on your journey from postnatal depleted mama to birthing the Goddess you really are. And when you thrive, your family does too. 

Love, Christiane

From Postnatal Depleted Mama to Radiant Goddess Mama


Fatigue, mom brain and overwhelm...

Being woken up by the toddler in distress every hour,

Who was 100% dependent on the breast to fall asleep.

On top of that, challenges with breastfeeding,

Feeling "reactive" instead of proactive & creative,

No freedom for even simple self care and

Especially dreading the daunting dinner time:

"Which foods are gonna be good for us and our toddler with eczema?"

Not knowing where to even begin to change...

What's causing the eczema and the bone gnawing fatigue?

Relationship with partner and kids suffering,

Separate beds, separate rooms,

And worried that things will get only worse.

They say "this is just what it's like being a mom"

And "just use steroid cream for your child's eczema".

But not Heather...

She made a bold decision to change things around for herself and her family,

Fought for her little one's health,

Got to the root causes of her depletion and baby's eczema,

And brought the spark back into her relationship.

Now she feels confident and joyful as a mother,

Connected and secure in her partnership

And has never felt better in her relationship with food and with herself!

Hats off to Heather, mother of 2,

Who was courageous and took care of the underlying problems which had kept her family stuck in a state of survival

Although she had little energy to begin with, although money was tight, and although she encountered significant challenges in her life along the way...

She made it out to the other side

And thanks to her following through with what she knew, her whole family is thriving now.

Congratulations Heather!

Hear her touching story and what advice she has for mothers who are struggling with postnatal depletion.

"I have a new flow in my life. I have so much more energy now. I feel so much happier with myself than I used to. And I see my beauty more. With the right support you can grow so much more than you could on your own."​ - Heather P.

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What People say about Christiane

"Christiane has a special healing presence. Every time I meet with her, I feel inspired and uplifted for days. She has a lot of out-of-the-box practical and intuitive wisdom to share, and helps me take important action steps. The way she sees me, helps me see myself for who I really am. In the sessions, she’s holding a safe space of compassion and kindness. Through asking empowering questions and guiding me to a deeper place of resourcefulness, she helps me tap into my infinite potential and draw out the answers from my inner knowing. She offers a higher perspective to problems. Her humour makes everything light and fun. Since I started working with her, I’ve made significant progress with regaining my energy, losing stubborn weight, helping my kids sleep, propelling my business forward, integrating my traumas, and healing my relationship with food as well as my relationship with my husband and kids - and most important with myself!"

- Angelique T.

"The last Neuro-balancing session I had with Christiane was really something. It supported some big shifts in my relationship. I’ve also been experiencing a deeper underlying ease in my day to day experiences. I’m so grateful to be working with Christiane. I have so much more energy now. I feel so much happier with myself than I used to. And I see my beauty more."

- Heather P.

"Our challenge was that our baby was extremely gassy which manifested in loud grunting constantly all night long, so loud that neither my husband or I could sleep through it at all! After I followed your recommendations, I noticed a difference within 3 days getting better each day until there was NO grunting at all! Finally I could sleep. Baby started doing longer stretches too being more comfortable! She’s doing great! Her gas issues are so much better and she’s getting an 8-9 hour stretch at night now that she’s comfortable!"

​- Emily O.

"It was a milestone in my journey to understand and heal my body.  Christiane was kind, understanding, open, and easy to communicate and work with. I feel her depth of knowledge and compassion. I’m excited to continue along this path." 

- Julie O.


"Your appointment was one of the best that I have had in a long time. I needed guidance with my diet and eating habits - and you did an excellent job with that.  You also confirmed that it is okay for me to listen to my body - that was a god-send."

- Phyllis S.​ 

"Christiane's healing session to me helped me come back to a good level of energy after being very sick in bed for a whole week. Her session felt very sharp, right to the point, she saw the difficulty I was in and was able to enter these spaces in me and help make way to open it up for me. Right after I felt a new source of energy within to start going back on my feet again, both physically and emotionally. She is gentle and clear."

- Shira B. Y.

"I feel way more at ease than I have all day. My tightness is almost gone. There was a knot in my stomach that's gone now. The worries and thoughts that were twirling around in my head are really calm now. It's amazing to be able to shift in such a short amount of time."

​- Heather P.

“Christiane is extremely knowledgeable and so very easy to talk to. I am grateful I met her; her guidance and wisdom have helped me transform both my husband and my lives through choosing healthier food/life choices. Thank you Christiane and Heart-Food Holistic..... Simply the Best!!!”

- Vicky B.


“Christiane is fantastic! She's very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable to talk about my food issues because there was no judgment - just smiles and a sense of understanding. She helped me by explaining what and why I should eat certain foods or add supplements. I now understand what my body needs in order to function at a better and healthier level. I'm so thankful that I met her because I already feel so much better.”

- Gwenn v.R.


“I am very happy that one of my friends introduced Christiane to me and my family. I didn't have any specific medical problem but most of the time during weekdays I was so tired and by nutrition that Christiane recommended to me, now I am more alert and less tired by end of day. She is really a great Nutrition Coach. She listened very good to our concerns and by a very good questionnaire, she helped us to see what adjustments we need to do to our nutrition. She is very knowledgeable and anything she recommended to eat or avoid eating, was based on science. She helped us to improve our eating habits. Thank you Christiane.”

- Elaheh R.


“Christiane is fabulous! I've been to a number of her illuminating workshops and I've known her personally for some time. I'm grateful for her vast knowledge about holistic nutrition and her determination to always be learning. I'm grateful for her patience, love, and support with helping me change and introduce new habits into my lifestyle. Attend one of her workshops and meet with her. You'll be happy you did!”

- Chloe S.


“I would definitely recommend Christiane! She is very helpful, thorough, informative and also was an attentive listener. She shared important details and strategies for my health goals to get me on track in a way that is manageable for someone already feeling overwhelmed with their schedule. She had lots of very specific insight regarding how systems relate in the body and specifically for me who was looking to balance the gut. She shared several amazing recipes to get me started which I have been inspired to begin experimenting with. I have been working with other approaches to my issue for a while and am really happy I made the step of working with her as I can see it is to my great benefit, along with being very supportive to make the necessary changes. Thank you Christiane!!”

- Sherene R.


“Four friends and I attended Christiane's workshop Balance on Your Plate - graciously hosted at her home. While some of us were more 'nutritionally aware' than others, we all left with learnings that we felt could be applied right away.

This was not just a talk about whole foods, but also about shifting how one identifies with the body and ultimately how to live. All of us were so appreciative of how Christiane provided new knowledge, mindfully answered their questions, and shared with us a sample of a delicious detoxing smoothie.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Christiane to anyone looking to learn and to move towards a healthy and balanced way of living.”

- Regan G.